1.What would your vintage profession be?

2.Which vintage book do you prefer?

3.What would you name your first daughter?

4.The master of the house you work for has been admiring you. He is handsome, intelligent, and glamorous. One day, he has caught you in the hallway and declares his love for you, hoping you feel the same. What would you do?

5.Your father wants you to marry one of his friends that is near his age. He is polite and well off financially. But you have feelings for a good looking man your own age, who claims to love you for who you are. Your father says you’re foolish to believe him, and if you choose him he won’t speak to you again. What do you do?

What Is Your Vintage Name? (Quiz - 5 Questions)

Meaning: ‘gentle’

Meaning: ‘gift of Isis’

Meaning: ‘youthful’

Meaning: ‘little bird’

Meaning: ‘maiden’

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