One of the benefits of social media is the possibility to share warnings and suggestions with one another throughout the world. Within minutes you can now forewarn others about different issues. People have made use of different tricks in order to hoax others over the past years. A new one has been recently implemented if it is to believe on the reports.

It includes your car tire, a plastic bottle and the possible theft of your car…

Several news agencies are covering this trick meaning that it’s fastly spreading around the world. First reported in South Africa, it quickly spread online as a Youtube channel in Mexico pointed out a ”Warning” over thieves stealing cars. But the video did well as much as it did badly because it also showed others how to trick others getting out of their cars.

The case is this: To begin with the thieves focus on a parked unassisted car, putting a water bottle between one of the tires and its wheel. The driver will get into the car and start the engine not paying attention to the bottle. As soon as they have the car moving, the bottle will crack and break. This will give out a loud noise having the driver get out of the car to check.

Ever since they’d think it is a momently thing, the driver leaves the keys in the ignition, leaving the car at the cruelty of anyone wanting to jump inside and drive away. It really is that simple: the car driver gets out, he has his mind taken off, criminals jump inside the car and drive away.

Even though in most of the cases thieves don’t actually steal the car, they go after Precious thing inside the car. In both cases, the driver is being taken something she or he considers valuable. Even though this scam began miles away, it could be happening near you pretty soon as it is spreading rapidly. You should remember to be alert when you doubt something is wrong.

Before getting into the car check the tire wells in case you suspect someone might have tried to mess with it. Thieves may be tricky and smart-just as history has proven. But we could defeat them if we communicate and help each other. So help us by giving a share to this post on Facebook! Who knows, you might be hindering a future crime!