Jennifer and Bred seem like every normal couple. Everyone would say they are like just any other random couple as there is not anything worth to note on their outer appearance. But, they have a very special connection that had Jennifer leave her job.

Brad, who previously worked as a bartender, has now thought of staying home and start the so-called breastfeeding relationship.

Jennifer thinks that she will have no problem with such a relationship as she doesn’t have a baby of her own and she enjoys the nipples stimulation during sex. She has been looking for a man ready to accept this idea of hers and firstly tried to find him online until she met Brad.

She had no idea that an old boyfriend of hers was open to her idea. Bred told her that he was searching for a woman with her bust characteristics. As soon as she told Brad what she was searching for, she knew he was feeling just the same. Brad was very curious and wanted to know more.

It took them little time to develop a connection which went further than just friendship. The band is enforced through physical intimacy connected to breastfeeding. Being that she doesn’t have any milk production using dry feeding tactics.

Jennifer has asked for a leave of absence from work to strengthen the relationship. She takes herbal drinks and pills designed to stimulate milk flow. Brad is pretty excited about the health benefits her milk offers.

He is keen on working out as he wants to look good for the woman he is most interested in.
They have plans about getting married someday but for now, they are in no hurry at all.
The couple has to reveal the whole world about their relationship as they have only shared the news with their close friends.