Mobile phones are becoming more and more used nowadays. See, a considerable number of people cannot imagine their lives without their mobile phone. But they have something right about it. The role of mobile phones has changed over the years. Each year is different from the previous one and this is because of new apps and features of mobiles. I am pretty sure that you have some needed apps in your phone but nevertheless, I’ll list some apps for which you might not be aware but which will be very helpful.


This app is available for Android, iOS and also for Windows Phone. It is an app which recognizes songs. All you have to do is to tap the button and it will recognize the song and display the lyrics. It is also able to recognize a song even if you hum its melody or sing along some few lyrics.


This app is also available for the Android, Windows Phone and also for iOS. This is also like a social network but more orientated on the business industry. Linkedin will help you in creating a broader network of your interests and will also serve as a place to find a decent job.

Layout app.

This app is available for iOS and Android platforms. It is an app presented by Instagram and you can imagine it is all about pictures. It has some features which give you the possibility to create some unique and beautiful picture collages. It has so many options that give you a really amazing sense of freedom in editing and modifying pictures and collages.


This app is only for those who have the iOS platform. It is an ebook reader which is very handy for nowadays people who are having less free time to read but who are also passionate about it. The most interesting part of this app is that it has implemented an AI which can explain interesting things like characters, story, author and so on. Check it out if you’re a book lover.


This app is only on the Android platform. It will serve your phone like the lungs serve us, humans. It limits the usage of your mobile phone’s other apps and thus saves some battery but not only. You can also select the time you want certain apps to stop working so you can focus only on another task.

GoodLook app.

This is an app which is available both for Android and also for the iOS platform. It is a fashion app. GoodLook will help you be more informed about the latest trends in fashion and beauty. It can give you tips on how to combine your wearing and also being trendy at the same time. It offers different styles every day.

Remote Mouse.

This is an app which will supersede your mouse or keyboard. Thus, you can find it easier to watch a movie and control your PC through this app. You can also use it to present something in school or other events. it is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Moovit is also available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Indeed, it is a pretty interesting app. Moovit is a transit app which updates the information about public transport for many cities. And the cities available are being added constantly. It is very handy for tourists as well as for those who work in big cities where going to work is a struggle.

Clap Phone Finder.

Available only for Android. It is a must-have app for people who usually lose their phone and don’t have a good feeling about it. All you have to do is to clap your hands and your mobile will make a detectable sound. It consumes very few energy which guarantees a long-lasting functioning of the phone.

5K Run.

This app is available n Android and iOS. It is an app only for people who want to run regularly. The idea is to run 5 Kilometers. This app recommends running three times during a week for some 30 minutes. It lasts for some eight weeks.